When to go


This is a good question as most people go to the Caribbean during the High Season when it is cold and horrible in the Northeast and Midwest. They are going to get away from something.

Personally, we feel that the Caribbean is a most underrated summer holiday destination. There are fewer tourists, the roads are less crowded and you can get into the more ‘popular’ restaurants. The tourist bureau says that it is about 3 degrees warmer in the summer. This is true but they neglect to mention that the summer winds are not as strong and this makes a big difference on many of the sheltered parts of the island that can be uncomfortable during the day.

So far, we have been there every month except October when we had business commitments and have not found a period that we didn’t like. Hope Cottage is on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and was designed to take advantage of the trade winds, which make it very comfortable. We almost always sleep with a sheet and light blanket. In the summer, if the wind shifts to the southeast, we may turn on the air conditioning for an hour when we go to bed.


Traditionally, the hurricane season is mid-June to mid-November but probably most likely mid-July to mid-October. However, they are rare and until 2014, it had been ten years since the island experienced a hurricane and when they are not centered over the island, they are hardly noticeable. Fitted with hurricane shutters, the house is very secure and in the three hurricanes it has experienced, it has only lost a few roof tiles.

While we have taken and will continue to take six-week vacations in the months of July, August and November, we can understand that the average holidaymaker would rather not risk having to sit out a hurricane. For this reason, we offer a price break at Hope Cottage during this period as well as a free two-week stay if a hurricane should hit Sint Maarten during your stay.